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10 Music Artists Guaranteed To Bring The Fall Feels

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

The first day of Fall is quickly approaching and I am so here for it. Apple picking, pumpkin carving, seasonal beer, cooler weather--I’ve been waiting for what feels like eons for this. When you live in the south, 75% of your year is unbearably hot [ and sweaty], so I lose my mind when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

Starbucks started the new season almost an entire month early by debuting their beloved Pumpkin Spice Latte on August 27 and you better believe I picked one up on that hot, muggy day. It was awesome.

If Starbucks can start Fall early, why can’t you? Here are 10 music artists who need to be on your Fall Feels Spotify playlist this season.

1. Jervis Campbell

We’re starting off with a lesser known artist. Why? Because Jervis Campbell is from none other than Charlotte, North Carolina--also known as the city I have officially made my home for the foreseeable future.

Campbell’s songs create a smooth fusion by combining southern rock and soulful gospel music, which are both defining factors of his upbringing, with a modern R&B pop sound. Now based in Nashville, Jervis has released three singles and has a five song EP set to be released on September 27. Check out his latest single, Garden, below.

2. Dermot Kennedy

This man. His voice. I cannot begin to explain the immeasurable talent possessed by this artist. An Irish singer-songwriter and musician, Dermot Kennedy is best known for his 2018 single Power Over Me.

He developed his sound while busking in cities like Dublin and Boston. What is busking? It’s when you play music on the streets for voluntary donations. This man started on the streets and is now dominating festival stages. Unreal.

3. Lewis Capaldi

Another artist that left me speechless the first time I heard his music. A Scottish singer-songwriter, Capaldi achieved global mainstream success throughout 2019 with his international breakthrough single Someone You Loved. This track spent 7 weeks at #1 of the UK Singles, which was one of the longest running top singles in UK chart history.

He also made global musical history by becoming the first ever artist to both announce and sell out an arena tour before the release of a debut album. Shows sold out in a matter of seconds once tickets became available. He’ll be playing to over a quarter of a million people during his headline shows in March 2020.

4. James Arthur

Another talented artist to watch. This English singer and songwriter rose to fame after winning the ninth series of The X Factor in 2012. Check out the music video for his latest track, Falling Like The Stars. It’s guaranteed to make you tear up.

5. Bon Iver

Fall would not exist without Bon Iver. While this American Indie folk band has been around since 2006, they’re showing no signs of slowing down. Their latest album was released this year and is titled i,i. This is their fourth studio album, but this one was released in a rather unique fashion. Instead of debuting the whole album at once, the band released it track by track per hour on August 8, 2019. Can you imagine the anticipation experienced by eager fans that day? The record was preceded by singles Hey, Ma and U (Man Like).

6. Bear's Den

A hidden gem if I’ve ever seen one. This British folk rock band from London came into existence in 2012. Some friends showed them to me last summer and I have been hooked ever since. I turn on Bear’s Den when I’m making dinner, cleaning my apartment, have friends over, or really any other discernible reason I can concoct. They’re fitting for almost every situation, except maybe a pregame, but I guess it depends on the party.

Check out the music video for Laurel Wreath from their latest album. Full disclosure, this video is likely to give you some serious Bird Box vibes.

7. Matt Maeson

Matt Maeson is one interesting dude. His music career started at a young age while traveling with his parents’ family band as part of an outreach ministry. They played at prisons, motorcycle rallies, and other events of the sort. While only being raised on Christian music, this didn’t prevent him from discovering “outside” artists like Johnny Cash and Jeff Buckley. After being exposed to this new type of music, there was a great awakening inside Maeson which led him to start writing his own songs while tucked away in his bedroom closet. You can read more about his backstory here.

Maeson’s most recent album, Bank On The Funeral, was released in April 2019 and featured tracks from his two previous EPs. Songs Cringe and Tribulation were pulled from Who Killed Matt Maeson, while Hallucinogenics came from The Hearse.

8. Jake Scott

Another artist with heaps of multifaceted talent. Jake Scott launched his career as a student at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville and has since become a successful singer-songwriter, producer, and musician. He’s written songs performed by artists Aloe Blacc, Jason Mraz, Sara Evans, and more.

Scott said, “My purpose in writing is to help people to find words for what they are experiencing. If they can find this through my songs, then I’ve achieved my goal.” Safe to say he does this well. Check out one of his most popular songs, Tuesdays, which “observes how a mundane week day fits into the scenario of a relationship.” The music video is a compilation of personal iphone videos of a very special lady [ his wife ].

9. Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Another personal victory of mine was discovering Vancouver Sleep Clinic. I found them on my Spotify Discover tab in January and I have not been disappointed. Known for their creamy vibes and falsetto vocals, this Australian band is led by ambient singer, songwriter, and record producer Tim Bettinson.

Starting in 2014, the group received wide support, placements in film and television, and basked in the warm glow of success early on with the release of their Winter EP. Check out one of their most recent hits, Summer ‘09, below.

10. The Lumineers

Last, but certainly not least. This iconic American folk rock band with roots in Denver, Colorado has dominated the music industry with their unique tunes. Known for their energetic live shows, they’ve released a slew of international hit singles such as Ho Hey, Stubborn Love, Ophelia, and Cleopatra. The Lumineers have become one of the top touring bands in the US and have sold out shows worldwide.

Their latest album III is a force to be reckoned with. A dark, heavy force. The band used the record as an opportunity to shed light on a very bleak topic--addiction. III takes the listener on a journey to convey the emotional turmoil and experience of not only watching a loved one struggle with addiction, but also being a direct recipient of the consequences. The album tells the tale of addiction in three acts. From one song to the next, the story of a family facing the same taboo problem slowly unfolds.

What does your Fall Feels playlist look like? Let me know in the comments below or tell me on Facebook and Instagram!

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