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8 Career Fields You Need To Check Out Now

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Note from the author:

This is an article I wrote during my internship with RevenFlo for Jobs Rock Hill. I am sharing it on my blog as a way to compile and showcase my writing. To see the original article, follow the link here

Finding a job is never a fun task, but it’s something we all have to do at some point or another. Thankfully, Jobs Rock Hill is here to make your job hunt just a little bit easier! Check out this list of highly-demanded career fields to explore new and exciting options you may not have considered before!


It’s no secret that there is a high demand for workers in the healthcare field. Between our recent policy reforms and the rapid increase in retired folks who require assistance and medical care, there are demands to be met all across the board. Whether it’s doctors and nurses or health services managers and pharmacists, there is a need.

A lot of people are often discouraged by the name of the field because they think that they will need to acquire countless years of higher education—and debt—just to get a job. Though their fears are not unreasonable, this isn’t always the case. While education is vital in this job field, you don’t need to go to medical school to find a worthwhile career. There are many openings that only require a bachelor’s or associate degree.

Some programs only require completion of special certification programs. For example, there are certificates in ultrasound technology, radiologic technology, medical insurance and billing, and electrocardiograph technology.

If you’re interested in working in the healthcare field, check out some of these popular career opportunities below.

Registered Nurse

Dental Assistant

Pharmacy Technician

Medical Records Manager

Physical Therapist

Home Care Aide

Medical Assistant

Search Jobs Rock Hill for Healthcare positions!


Technology is an amazing field to get involved with because it is always growing and changing. As a tech-crazed population, there will always be a need for computer savvy workers to keep those electronic wheels turning. This is largely due to the rise of social media, the integration of technology into the workplace and school systems, and the prominence of technology in our day-to-day lives.

Just think about it—the first computers were massive, slow, and didn’t have the same computing capabilities that your average smartphone has today. In less than 100 years, we have gone from Colossus, which was a huge system of computers used to help the British code breakers read encrypted German messages during WWII, to using the pocket-sized Iphone 7 to post #FoodInTheAir pictures on Instagram and daily Facebook status updates.

If you want to play a part in our country’s technological development, check out these popular career options below.

Computer Programmer

Software Architect

Web Developer

Systems Administrator

Communications Technician

Technical Writer

Search Jobs Rock Hill for Technology positions!


In our ever-expanding society, there has been an increased demand in the field of construction. This is a great career path because it requires little to no higher education for many positions. Obviously this is not the case for all jobs, but there is a wide array of options available.

If you do decide to pursue a career that requires a degree, working in this field while in college can be a great way to finance your education. You gain on-the-job experience in the process and will be better-prepared for your desired career following graduation.

Think construction could be a good fit for you? Check out these popular job openings below.

Civil Engineer

Machine Operator


Construction Worker


Search Jobs Rock Hill for Construction and Facilities positions!


If you are someone who likes to strategize with others or identify patterns and trends produced by consumers, marketing may be a good fit for you. Typical tasks include approximating needs for products and services, identifying potential markets, analyzing trends, creating sales plans and pricing, working with public relations professionals, and more.

The field is broad with an array of employment opportunities. However, if this is a career path you wish to pursue, you’re going to want to invest in a bachelor’s degree. Most employers will not even consider adding you to their team without it. If you have experience in sales, advertising, or public relations, that is definitely a plus, but without an education, it is very unlikely that your experience will be of any use.

Think marketing sounds like a good fit for you? Check out the list of employment opportunities below.

Brand Manager

Public Relations Specialist

Marketing Director

Market Research Analyst

Business Development Manager

Search Jobs Rock Hill for Marketing positions!

Accounting and Finance

Ever since humans have had some form of currency, it has been used to trade for desired goods and services. At the same time, there has also been someone there to record it, manage it, invest it, and even lose it! With all this being said—if you are a math person, put your skills to good use and help the rest of us out by getting a job in the accounting and finance industry. We need you.

The good thing about this field is that you can get involved at any level of education. You will probably need to further your schooling if you wish to work your way up the financial ladder, but the experience you gain along the way will only make it easier for you to obtain your necessary degrees or certifications.

If you have a knack for being a human calculator, check out these popular job opportunities below.


Bank Teller

Financial Advisor

Payroll Clerk

Loan Officer

Search Jobs Rock Hill for Accounting and Finance positions!


Another great field to get involved with is transportation. If college isn’t really your thing, then you should consider working in this industry. Many careers only require a high school diploma or GED with on-the-job training.

While it may sound like it’s just a lot of driving, it’s so much more. You can work with your hands in a warehouse or work with your mind as a traffic dispatcher and organize when and where drivers go.

There are some careers that require a bachelor’s degree, but some employers may take you if you have an associate degree with several years of work experience. Like construction, working in this industry while going to school could be a great way to finance your education while also gaining valuable work experience.

If you think you’d like to work in the transportation industry, check out these employment opportunities below.

Distribution Manager

Warehouse Clerk

Delivery Driver

Transportation Manager

Traffic Dispatcher

Search Jobs Rock Hill for Transportation positions!


Are you gifted in the art of persuasion or conflict resolution? Do you have a welcoming face and friendly disposition? If so, then sales may be a great fit for you! Employers are looking for workers with these qualities left and right and there are a wide variety of positions that are needing to be filled. All you’ll need—aside from your perky personality—is a certificate or associate degree in a related field.

This can be a trying field for people who are easily frustrated, but if you are someone who can offer effective assistance while keeping your cool, you should definitely check out these career options below.

Advertising Agent

Call Center Representative

Regional Sales Manager

Insurance Agent

Real Estate Agent

Account Manager

Search Jobs Rock Hill for Sales positions!


This is another solid field for anyone with any level of education. If you have a high school diploma or GED, with a little training, you can start as a line assembler, weigher, tester or inspector. If you have a knack for power tools, there are machinist positions widely available too.

If higher education is something you would like to pursue, degrees from trade schools or four-year institutions help create a firm foundation for your knowledge in the manufacturing industry.

One great thing about this industry is that products and their demand are constantly changing. For example, as a line worker, you could be creating a product in one section of your assembly line one week, and then be doing something completely different the next. It allows you to learn how to adapt to change and learn different parts of your field with a hands-on approach.

Like to work with your hands? Manufacturing may be a good fit for you! Check out these employment opportunities below.


Production Worker

Logistics Analyst

Production Manager

Plant Engineer


Search Jobs Rock Hill for Manufacturing positions!

These are all great fields to get involved with and staying informed is the key to success. Just click on Candidate Tools and scroll down to our Jobs Search section to browse for your next career today!

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