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  • Haleigh Shedd

Employers, Here’s How to Fill Your Empty Positions with Great Employees

Note from the author:This is an article I wrote during my internship with RevenFlo for Jobs Rock Hill. I am sharing it on my blog as a way to compile and showcase my writing. To see the original article, follow the link here

Most people are pretty familiar with the intense frustrations of job hunting, but far less understand the struggles that employers face when trying to fill empty positions with quality workers. You may have masses of people who want to join your company, but none of them seem to quite fit the bill. Are you being too picky, or is there really a mismatch between the talent you desire and the people who are applying?

If you’re having a tough time filling those slots, check out these tips on how to fill your empty positions with great employees!


Advertising is key when you are trying to find people to fill those positions. Post on job sites (like Jobs Rock Hill), post on social media, create ads. Do whatever you can to get that information and your name out on the web and around town. Even the less traditional methods, such as posting on Facebook, seem to be some of the most effective. Talk about your openings too! Word of mouth and connections are everything when finding a job, so why wouldn’t it be vital when searching for employees too?

Have current, descriptive info available for applicants online

Anyone who is searching for a job is going to be doing plenty of research before applying. If your website or advertisements are out of date or too vague, potential employees are not going to waste their time applying at your company, but rather move on to the next.

Follow up with applicants quickly

Job hunting is frustrating enough, but it can be even more trying when employers take a long time to get back to applicants. Most people are on a time limit for how long they can search for a career, so odds are, they have applied at more than one place and will take the first offer that they receive. If you take too long to get back to them, you may miss out on a really valuable employee.

Show your real personality in the interview

When giving an interview, employers put on their crown of professionalism to give off a good impression for their potential employee. While it is respectable, it can be rather intimidating. Try to let your real personality shine through even just a little, so that the applicant can see how you’re really like. It allows them to gauge the culture of the workplace and makes you more relatable, making them more comfortable at the same time. If they are comfortable with you, they will be more likely to accept your job offer since they can see what they are getting themselves into.

State your expectations from the beginning

This one is probably easier said than done, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. When having a new employee come on board, you should make your expectations very clear from day one. But to do this, you’ll first have to figure out what your expectations really are. Once you figure that part out, it gets a little easier. Tell your employees what you want and don’t want, and explain the culture of your company. Set the bar so that they know how to perform well. Sometimes employees feel like they get thrown into the deep end when starting with a new company, so creating a structure like this allows them to establish a better work ethic.

Establish an open form of communication

This is a biggie. Establish an open form of communication from the beginning to ensure a positive relationship between employer and employee. This allows employees to express concerns without fear, or speak of what they like without seeming like a brown-noser. This is important because it prevents feelings from bottling up in the workplace and makes the culture more conducive for positive interactions. However, simply listening to employees is not enough. Take their feedback and run with it. Reflect on both the good and the bad reports to make your company even better.

Employers, we all know filling those positions with the right people can be quite frustrating, but hang in there! The right ones will come along soon enough!

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